We spent a good portion of the day shopping at an outlet mall just a few hours from home.  We figured that being so close to home it wouldn’t be too bad being squished in for the last little bit of the drive.  We also stopped for some groceries just before the border.  Certain items are quite a bit cheaper for us to purchase south of the border, so we like to take advantage of that whenever possible.

We were anxious to get home and it was great to arrive home and finally see the rest of the family (including our dog who broke the rule and came out to meet us on the drive way, normally she is restricted to the backyard.)  This has been our longest separation by far.  They had a great bbq dinner all ready for us and we welcomed seeing our own beds after being so long on the road.

Trip Stats

1 Adult
4 Kids
34 Days
5 Provinces
15 States
13671 km