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If there was a theme for today it would have been Dream Big!  This morning we went to “the Field of Dreams”, the farm where the movie was filmed.  Although the movie was fictional there was a definite atmosphere around the field that really made you wonder and it felt as if those baseball players were going to step out of that corn field at any moment.
























Next on my dream list was a visit to Harpo Studios.  I would have liked to have made it their while Oprah was still recording her show, but better late than never.  I still can’t believe I drove in Chicago.  I never dreamed I could do that.  I really don’t like driving and here I am driving not only across the continent, but in huge cities during rush hour!














Last on my list for today was a visit to Gary, Indiana and the childhood home of Micheal Jackson.  I was a big fan and perhaps even a little obsessive in high school so it seemed appropriate to stop in when we were in the area.










The kids are starting to get tired, so it is a good thing we are on the home stretch.