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From the onset of our trip I wondered how today would go.  I was worried about city traffic and parking, but in the end it was all just fine, although there was a lot of traffic.  I even managed to fit my suburban into one of the parking garages, which isn’t always possible.







Our first stop of the day, the  King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.  Once again we took advantage of our museum membership’s reciprocal agreement for a discount and the added bonus of skipping the long line for tickets.

Afterwards we toured the Science Centre, which was fun.

Touching Tide Pool

We followed our trip to the science center with a visit to the Space Needle.  After all, you can’t go to Seattle and not stop at the Space Needle, right?



















Our last stop at the day could have been timed a bit better, but we managed to take in Mount St. Helens just as it was starting to get dark.   Once again, a long day, but a wonderful day!

Mount St. Helens