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Today turned out to be a busy, busy day indeed.  At the crack of down we got moving.  Our first stop was our highly anticipated Whale Watching tour.  We were the first tour of the day, which usually means it takes longer for the captain to find a whale pod as they don’t have any recent sightings to guide them, but our tour did not disappoint…..not in the least!

I decided to choose a  tour with a larger boat, even though the kids were all old enough to go on a smaller more open one.  In the end it was a good call, as the larger boat gave us more protection from the wind.

It took a while to spot a pod of Orca whales, but when we did it was so worth it.  It was pure magic watching those majestic giants jump.

This was definitely a trip highlight!

















Next stop on our “To-DO” list was the Royal BC Museum, which I really rather enjoyed….except for the 1970’s display which made me feel incredibly old.  I guess it is inevitable that eventually you live long enough to see things from your childhood considered iconic antiques 🙂











Our day was still not over.  We watched some buskers, quickly toured the Pacific Undersea Gardens and then headed back to say goodbye to my childhood friend.  It was an incredibly long day, but an incredibly wonderful day!