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We said good bye to one of our cousins who is leaving and set out to visit Vegreville to see the largest Ukrainian Pysanka (Easter egg).  We had a picnic lunch next to the egg as we admired the geometric shapes that composed the decorative egg’s surface.

We continued on our way to the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village to learn about the history of Ukrainian immigrants to Canada.  We started our tour of the place at a sod house that many of the immigrants would build upon their arrival to Canada because the houses didn’t take up very much of the valuable time that would be needed to clear their land.

After we saw the many different types of houses that the immigrants built for themselves, we joined on a wagon ride pulled by a pair of horses.  We took a nice tour of the town on our ride and ended at a Ukrainian Greek Orthodox church.

Once we finished at the church we moved on to the blacksmith where we enjoyed comparing modern technology with the tools that the people used during that era.  The blacksmith also demonstrated how to put a horseshoe on a horse’s foot by using L as an example.  When finished, L got a souvenir horseshoe for his volunteer work.

To finish off the day we tried some “Donairs” (thanks to our cousins) which are pitas filled with meat and vegetables and sauce.  Everyone agrees that they were very good!