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We left Winnipeg early this morning and have been enjoying more beautiful weather as we travel across the prairies.  E noticed a joke in one of the gift shops of the visitor centres we visited about Saskatchewan: “Hard to spell, easy to draw” which we all found amusing.  It was also interesting to watch the airplanes spray the endless fields.  It didn’t take us long to discover there are lots of long, slow-moving trains in Saskatchewan but thankfully we’re not in a rush.

Today’s project for the car ride involved teaching the younger kids their 7 times tables.  They’re coming along slowly but we’ve had to resort to bribing them with time on the DS.

We met lots more friendly faces today.  One couple from the Peterborough area we ran into a few times while at various rest stops.  They gave us some great suggestions for the drive home and a few traveling tips.

We arrived in Regina around 3PM local time so we had time to tour the RCMP Heritage Centre and take a tour of the RCMP Depot.  We were pretty tired after that so we went out for a nice dinner and are now heading to bed.  Tomorrow is another day…

*We know we’re behind on our trip updates; we’ve been taking notes and will post them as time and Internet access allow.  Thanks for following us!