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We have discovered that the weather in Winnipeg is warm, but really windy.  We woke up this morning and talked with a fellow camper from Manitoba who was going on a long trip as well.  We have met a lot of friendly people like our fellow traveler this morning: a cyclist who was going out to BC, a helpful priest in the graveyard of Louis Riel’s tombstone and some really nice staff at some of the museums that we have visited.

This morning we made use our museum membership reciprocal agreement when we went to the Museum of Manitoba and the Children’s Museum.  At the Museum of Manitoba we saw some interesting fossils like the skull of a huge fish and a whale’s “tooth”.

There were definitely lots of interesting things at the Children’s Museum but it was clearly aimed at the younger crowd complete with child-sized toilets in the bathrooms.  A and L had lots of fun experimenting with water and operating a big crane to build a tower.

When we were finished at the Children’s Museum at “The Forks” we went to the Heritage park which was centred on the theme of the local history. A and L cooled off on the splash pad there and the rest of us relaxed.  We left the park around dinner time to eat and set up the car for bed.