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Inside a wigwam

This morning we started off our day at Fort William.  We have toured many different forts over the years on our various homeschool group field trips and family vacations, but this was our first “fur trading” fort.  The staff all take on character roles which made for a very interesting and interactive experience.


Inside the fort we learned about the various aspects of life at the fort, and some of the skills the people that lived there would have had.  It was fun to try out some of the different activities.  L was chosen from our group to demonstrate how the beaver traps worked and A seemed to enjoy churning butter.









So far the driving has been fine.  The kids have all been updating their journals as we go, which is keeping them busy.  There seem to be enough interesting little places to stop along the way to break up the trip a bit and there are certainly lots and lots of wonderful learning opportunities.  Today we passed through our first time zone, which gave us a chance to review that subject.  The biggest challenge so far is that for the last day or two we haven’t had much cell phone service, so I am feeling a bit isolated without a phone and email.  Internet access would be nice to have to look up answers to some of the many questions we think of as we travel.

Central Time Zone










After a long day of driving we find ourselves in Winnipeg.