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Today our travels brought us along the shores of Lake Superior.  Driving around it you get a real sense of just how large it is.

The shore of Lake Superior

Our first stop of the day was at Agwa Rock where we hiked in hopes of seeing the pictographs.  We never did end up seeing them between the warning signs and the path that required you to  hold on to ropes and adventure out on a slippery rock, but it was nice to get out of the suburban and stretch for a bit all the same.


Agwa Rock

Warning Signs









Next on our to-do list was a stop in at White River, the birthplace of Winnie the Pooh.  It was a great place to stop and have our picnic lunch at the visitor centre and playground.  The town was obviously quite proud of it’s Pooh-connection and we enjoyed exploring it a little before we continued on our way.

Winnipeg Street (Note the picture of Winnie the Pooh that appears on all the street signs.)











On our way through Wawa we stopped for a quick picture with their famous Canada Goose.











We wrapped up our day in Thunder Bay.  Our original plan was to camp at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.  We even got so far as putting up the tent and watching a deer wander through our camp site, but the black-flies were hungry and to be honest I don’t think we had recovered enough from our mosquito experience at our last camp site, so I took one for the team, madly taking down the tent with one hand and swatting away swarms of black-flies with the other, while the kids watched from the safety of the Suburban.   We then headed into Thunder Bay to look for a hotel and get a good night’s sleep.

The Terry Fox Monument.

Along the way we stopped by the Terry Fox monument to pay our respects.  I hope it helped put things in perspective for the kids.  They hear about Terry Fox every year with local runs and fundraisers, but now I hope they will make more of a connection with Terry Fox the young man who’s determination impacted so many.