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Today we spent most of our time in Sudbury.  We started out at the Big Nickel and had a picnic breakfast there while getting ready for the day.  Soon after the museum Science North opened, we payed the place a visit.

Science North is a wonderful, wonderful museum with fantastic staff and lots of neat things to see and do.  This was our family’s second visit to the museum, the first being several years ago, which the younger kids don’t remember.

Entrance to the museum was free for us thanks to a reciprocal agreement our museum membership at the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology.  I love museums and these reciprocal agreements really add value to the membership if you travel at all.  We did splurge for the extra planetarium entrance as well.

There were lots of memorable moments during our visit to the museum.  Here, are just a few.

K, the Human Gyroscope

A, feeding the skunk. A real highlight.

L holding a giant snail. Definitely super-cool in his books and something he thinks will be hard to top.

Here’s the gang getting ready to watch the 4D movie. It’s a definite “must do” at Science North.