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Today I had cause to visit the Niagara region, so I took the youngest three kids with me for some more fun and learning.

The Niagara region has a deep history involving the War of 1812, so it was the perfect opportunity to follow up on the work we have been doing with our homeschool group.  It was a very long day, but it was a very full day and very enjoyable.

Our first stop was the home of Laura Secord.  This was my first time touring the home and I found it informative.  We already knew quite a bit about Mrs. Secord and her part in alerting Fitzgibbon, but we learned even more about her and the time period during our visit.  

We learned some interesting facts about tea, sugar, playing cards, sleeping, bathing and household chores.




On the way to our second destination we ran into a history fair, which was an added bonus and gave us a chance to meet some interesting characters.


Our second stop was Brock’s Monument.   We learned about Major-General Isaac Brock during co-op earlier this week, so it seemed only appropriate to stop in while we were there.  This was another first for me, despite having visited the area several times previously.  The view from the site was quite spectacular.  The climb up the stairs to the top will long be remembered!













Our third stop was at the Butterfly Conservatory.  We visited the conservatory once before….maybe 5 years ago or so.  Not all of the younger kids remembered the visit, so it was nice to be able to visit again.  It really is a magical kind of place with these beautiful creatures fluttering around in such numbers.

Our final stop was a celebration with friends on a well earned success, which meant a late night home….but the full day was well worth it!