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Our homeschool group has been studying the War of 1812.  As a follow up we did a field trip this week to learn more.  I’m a big fan of following up on lessons with hands-on learning opportunities.  These activities always help make the learning “stick” and make for great memories

While we were there we also learned about some local history and what it was like to live “back in the day”. We met some very engaging interpreters that really had a powerful impact on the kids.  My own have been actively telling “dad” all the interesting facts they have learned.  Why some cheddar cheese is orange, where the terms upper and lower case came from, why we say “sleep tight”, what is an ox, what criteria were considered essential for young ladies in order to attract a husband, and numerous other fun facts are now topics of discussion around the dinner table.

Animals are always a big hit with the kids.  The piglets proved to be very entertaining.  Only two weeks hold these little fellows darted back and forth across the yard showing no fear of the kids and lots of curiosity.  Every now and again one would leave the pack and squeal back to mama for a quick feeding.

For most of us the highlight of the day was probably learning how to milk a cow.  For me personally it was the most memorable moment, as I have always wanted to try.   I managed to squirt milk down my leg and missed the pail all together a few times, but it was neat to try.  Now I have one less item on my bucket list.

As part of our lesson one of the mom’s in our group had organized a scavenger hunt.  The rhyming clues led the group on a tour through many of the main buildings in the historic village, giving us questions to solve.  It was a neat way to spice things up and keep the kids engaged.

It really was a lot of fun being out today in the beautiful weather with our friends.  It’s great to have such a fantastic group to share learning adventures with.  I really feel blessed.