As some of you may have heard I am planning a big trip with four of my kids.  We plan to head west across the country and if all goes well end up on the west coast.  There is a lot of planning involved, particularly to keep the trip affordable.  Today L and I set up our tent to make sure we don’t have any unexpected surprises along the way.  We have titled our adventure Our Travel Extravaganza!

My tent of 20+ years needed replacing, so we recently replaced it with an almost identical Timberline from Eureka.  It’s only a four man tent, which basically means it sleeps two people nicely.  There will be five of us on this trip, but a couple will sleep in the back of the Suburban.   I debated the idea of purchasing a larger tent, but I really love how this tent is so easy to put up, self supporting and compact.  Space is always a premium when traveling with a large family.  I looked at some really neat tents that can be attached on to the Suburban too, but in the end I figured the Timberline was our easiest and most versatile option long-term.  Besides I know this tent well having spent many a night in another.