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Today was a busy day for sure!  We were up bright and early this morning to head out to the “Water Festival”.  Designed to educate students on the importance of this precious resource the festival has always been very welcoming to our homeschool support group.

The hands-on exhibits are manned by high school volunteers and the topics cover almost all aspects of H2O.

Many of the activities are simple and could be effectively done at home, such as this “Water Drop” activity where the kids took turns putting on velcro covered vests and rolling down a lane with felt squares.  The squares were colour coded to represent the different types of pollution the water drop may come in contact with.

Learning to appreciate running water, native and non-native species, pond dipping, erosion, fishing, water conservation, the water cycle, and oil spills were also covered at the event.

It was great to be able to take part in so many activities under one roof.  It certainly was a jam-packed morning with lots of interesting things to do.

All the interactive displays really helped drive the points home!