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Our afternoon was equally as busy as our morning and can only be described as AMAZING!  Our homeschooling group headed off to a small private zoo where we were met by some of the most passionate animal lovers I have ever met.  They introduced us to many of their animal friends and shared so many fascinating facts and personal stories that this is going to have to go down as one of our most favourite field trips ever!

I just can’t begin to describe the pure joy I saw on the faces of the kids as they interacted with the various critters and the zoo staff were beyond my wildest expectations taking so much time with us and offering us a personal tour of the facilities.  My only regret is that the zoo isn’t closer.  If it were we would be their daily!

One of the big highlights was getting to see the two-day-old baby lemur that was just born at the zoo.  Talk about an amazing site!

We definitely are going to plan another trip back to Saunder’s Country Critters Zoo soon!