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Today was an interesting day to be sure.  After a busy morning we headed over to a friends house to learn a little bit about Salmon before our afternoon field trip.  It’s always fun to get together with others to learn!  The plan was to just learn about science, but as is often the case we almost always end up learning so much more!

When we arrived at our destination we were just in time to help put together some Black Rat Snake houses.  We already knew a little bit about this species at risk, but it was neat to learn more about them from our host.  Last year one of these houses had 130 eggs laid in it.  That’s pretty amazing and a great way to help this very special snake that is really great at keeping the rodent population under control.  These houses are going to be erected at varies locations where these snakes are known to reside.  They will be filled with compost, which will help keep the eggs warm as it decays.

Next we headed inside to check out the baby salmon that were growing in the refrigerated tank.  They were very small and liked the dark cold water.  Very soon they will be released in an area a few hours west of us and will hopefully help repopulate a nearby lake where they haven’t been seen for about 100 years.

There were lots of other interesting things to see on our field trip too, skin studies, turtle shells, vulture wings, a beaver skeleton, and a cat in a jar!  We had some questions answered for us as well about a brown bat that we have living in our garage.

It’s always such a wonderful experience to meet people who are passionate about a subject.  Their passion is contagious and it is so easy to learn from them.  Note to self:  Find more passionate people for future field trips….they are so amazing!