My youngest has long been fascinated with money, hey aren’t we all in one way or another 🙂  Anyway, she has been saving up for a while and nagging me to bring her to the dollar store so she can spend it.  I put her off for a while, doing my best to teach her lessons on spending, saving, taxes, math, budgeting, need vs. wants, etc., but for Christmas this year she received a dollar store gift card, so now there was no stopping her.

I honestly had no idea what to expect, as this was her first solo shopping experience.  Would the money burn a whole in her pocket?  Did she understand that the price tag may say a dollar, but there is also tax to consider?  Well, things went pretty well.  She did take a long time cruising the aisles, but I could tell she was really thinking and calculating her decision.  In the end she oped to only spend a portion of her gift card and decided on a package of silly bandz and a chocolate bar….which she offered to share with everyone when she got home.  I call that a successful lesson and couldn’t be happier with the results.

First Shopping Trip

First Real Shopping Experience