I have been at a real loss to come up with gift ideas this year.  We really don’t “need” anything.  Sure there are lots of things we’d like, but it feels like we already have lots of “stuff” and more would really just add to the clutter of our lives.

A couple years ago when my husband was away on an extended business trip to China I decided I needed to keep busy while he was away and stop feeling sorry for myself, being left behind to tend to the family on my own for so long.  While he was gone I decided to try on my imaginary super woman cape and tackle some household projects.  I painted the kitchen and dining room, tore out the the dated storage cabinet in the bathroom, replaced the light fixture, dry walled, and painted the bathroom….to list off the more major projects I completed in his absence and as a complete surprise to my husband.  The kids were great to pitch in and help, so it got me thinking that I would do something similar, but on a smaller scale as a Christmas gift for, when I found out my husband would be away for three days leading up to Christmas.

Since moving into our home about five years ago we have given almost no attention to the decor of the master bedroom.  The wall colour, which I hated when we moved in was actually starting to grow on me, so time for some action and operation “Big Christmas Surprise”.

Me painting over the lilac walls.










As soon as the van pulled out of the driveway we got to work.  Step one was cleaning up.  The room had somehow become a dumping ground and it was in sad shape with clutter on every surface.  Over the next few days we worked and worked, cleaning, sorting, organizing, tossing, crack filling, painting and building.  I even managed to squeeze in a flying trip to Ikea (2hrs away) to purchase some Pax wardrobes to help solve some storage and clutter issues.  We were still working when my husband returned, but had accomplished enough that he got the idea.







Our family also celebrates Orthodox Christmas on January 7th and there is another business trip planned just before then…..hmmmmm.