My homeschool co-op is currently studying Egypt.  We have 13 kids involved and all the parents pitch in offering resources and sharing teaching.  We started off our unit study with a short video that gave an overview of the ancient history.  We then used atlases to find a map of Egypt.






We also learned some amazing facts about the ancient pyramids that helped the kids relate their incredible size to everyday things they could visualize.  They also made a spinner that showed the various seasons in Egypt and tasted a dish commonly consumed in Egypt.







It’s great to be able to do this sort of thing in a co-op setting.  The kids love getting together with their friends and the sharing aspect means we spend less time preparing and get to utilize the best resources each family has access to.  It’s a real win/win.  I also like the fact that it helps keep me on schedule.  I often have the best intentions, but don’t follow through if I don’t have a commitment involving others.  This is an extremely busy time of year for me, so I need a little extra push to keep things moving forward.