Today was a busy, but productive day.  Despite our schedule I did manage to carve out the time to take on a little project with a couple of my kids.  We desperately needed a new clock in our “LEGO Zone” as this is the room that our LEGO robotics team uses to practice.  Making good use of our time is essential, so a clock is pretty necessary.  I’ve had my eye out for a fun looking clock in an affordable price range, but so far my search has been pretty fruitless.  About a month ago I picked up a $2 clock at the dollar store, so today after our robotics meeting I decided it was time to take action and resolve our clock dilemma once and for all.

The back of the clock was easily removable with six small screws. I pealed off the original clock face and used it for the template for the new one.  In keeping with the purpose of the room I chose some embossed LEGO scrapbook paper in the team’s colour – yellow.  I then simply used some leftover vinyl numbers I had to complete the face and added the team’s name in place of “Quartz” for a special touch.  Then it was just the matter of putting it all back together.

The results, a fun new personalized clock, for only a few dollars!