We did fairly well at completing most of our summer time list considering the personal challenges we were dealing list, but with the official arrival of autumn it’s time for a new list.

For our summer list we used a blackboard that a made many years back.  It hangs in our dining room in a location where we all see it every day.  For the fall I plan to use the blackboard for other things, like a “quote of the week”, so I wanted to come up with a new method.

A while back when I was painting our new blackboard door I had a bit of left over paint.  Not wanting to waste it I used it to paint some large Popsicle sticks.  From this our idea for our new bucket list was born.  The kids all brainstormed ideas for our fall list and I wrote each new item on one of the Popsicle sticks.  When they were done we put them in a small dollar store type bucket that we had left over from a balloon arrangement several years ago and voila…..we have our new fall bucket list!

Our new bucket list can be used over and over again thanks to the chalkboard paint, and now sits predominantly at our front door where it serves as a daily reminder.