What a fabulous day!  This afternoon the younger kids and I headed out with our homeschooling support group on a field trip to learn more about this wonderful world we live in.  One thing I love, love, love about our support group is that we all pool together sharing our resources and planning quality educational experiences for our children.  It is awesome!

The drive to our destination was a fun adventure in itself.  The kids enjoyed the windy, hilly road and took great joy in pretending we were on a roller coaster, holding their hands up in the air as we went down a hill and squealing with delight.  It was a welcome change from the traditional “how much longer” and “are we there yet”.  We saw lots of wild life along the way as well.  We saw partridge, deer, and wild turkeys.

Our first stop when we arrived was the lake, where the kids used a net to fish.  The hip waders were a little large, but that just added to the fun.  It did rain briefly as well, but that just resulted in giggles and the weather soon cleared to reveal a glorious fall day.

We did have some luck with our fishing and were able to observe some of the fish we caught in a small aquarium before releasing them back into their habitat.

Our catch included black nosed shiners and a blue gilled sunfish.

Our next stop was the dock, where we were able to observe stinkpot and painted turtles that university students were studying.  We learned how they mark their shells for identification and how these studies will hopefully help turtles.

We ended off our tour with some hands-on time with a variety of specimens.  There were birds, insects, and various skins the kids could handle.

Our guide was extremely knowledgeable, in fact I’ve never been on a nature field trip with anyone that compares, so it was a real treat to have every single question the kids asked answered with such depth.  He was able to point out so many things to us as we walked along and the kids just soaked it all up.

Without a doubt an awesome day!  The kids had a blast and I was so pleased to see them demonstrate politeness and concern that everyone had an equal opportunity to try the various activities.  Can’t wait to go back again!

I hope other homeschoolers out there are fortunate enough to have a group to take part in adventures with.  There are lots of different groups out there to fit the various needs within the homeschooling community and when you find one that is a good fit…..it is a true treasure.