Today we managed to carve some time out to go on a field trip with our homeschool group.  We went apple picking and learned all about McIntosh apples.  It was a beautiful day, in fact we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Some Fun Facts

  • original tree discovered by John McIntosh in Dundela, Ontario in 1811
  • every McIntosh tree in the world descended from the original one
  • the Cortland and Loba are just two of may other varieties that come from the McIntosh
  • the original McIntosh tree was damaged by fire, but continued to produce apples for another 90 years
  • it is the most widely grown apple grown in Canada and the North-Eastern US

We decided to pick from the section of the orchard sprayed with organic compounds only.  The apples have more of a grey haze on them as a result, but it washes off easily.

Afterwards the kids enjoyed apple ribbons (like fruit roll ups, but made from apple sauce and a bit of maple syrup) and apple chips.  We also learned about bees in the interactive exhibit they had in the gift shop.