My younger two have relied heavily on the older kids to help them. I remember my youngest son telling me years ago that he didn’t need to learn how to read because he was lucky and always had older siblings around that could read to him.  He has been a true reluctant reader!  I’ve been very concerned about the issue, particularly as my older three were all early readers.  For a while I took the wait-and-see approach hoping his natural need and curiosity would kick in.  Last year he did start reading, but it was a slow process.  This summer we took things up a notch and I’m happy to say  and his reading is coming along, although he still has a ways to go.  Much to my disappointment my youngest (7) has followed his lead.  For the next little while I hope to engage them both and plan to focus much of my attention on igniting that passion for reading and writing!

Today we “addressed” two issues with one activity that was fun and hands on.

Most kids love mail, so I took the opportunity to teach them how to properly address an envelope.  It gave them a chance to practice their penmanship.  To make it more fun we got out some stamps to make them look more authentic.

We addressed each envelope to a different “family”.  Today we zeroed in on the “th” family, as my youngest is really struggling with differentiating the basic th words.  They then stuffed the envelope with different “th” words like, there, their, they, the, than and then.  It was a great way to give a little extra attention to a problem area and get them to practice some spelling and printing.

Tomorrow I think we’ll address the ch or wh family 😉