Admittedly there aren’t many families with as much LEGO as we have.  Believe it or not we didn’t have any back in 2006 when we started up our FIRST LEGO League team, but over the years we have accumulated quite a collection!  With this year’s challenge being released on Friday it is time to get our robotics room in order. Yes it’s true we have a large room in our house dedicated to robotics, but that’s another story and I’ll save it for another day.

For ease of use the team has found it best to have their inventory sorted by type.  We use the bins that come with many of the LEGO education kits.  We have found they are very strong, stack beautifully and the trays are perfect to organizing all those small parts.  We have purchased several additional bins as well, but unfortunately they don’t come with the handy trays.

When we are doing a big sorting session like the one today we find it easiest to lay out all the boxes, separating out the trays and just move around with a small box in hand, sorting into the various containers.  The majority of the year we keep two large boxes on the table, one labeled “keep”, where we store chunks of LEGO that have interesting designs we’d like to keep for inspiration, and another for LEGO ready to be “put away”.  The storage bins are all labelled and so are the different tray sections, so this helps us easily locate the pieces we are looking for when putting away LEGO or searching for a piece for their new robot design.

Sorting all our LEGO is a big job, so the whole family pitches in to help out.  Wish us luck as we have a lot to do before Friday!