Every year we host a “Cardboard Boat Race” in our swimming pool.  It’s lots of fun, promotes teamwork, and gets the creative juices flowing as the kids and their friends design and build their seaworthy vessels.  This year we had three boats attempt to make the journey across the pool, but only one managed to make it there and back.  Remarkably it was able to carry three passengers.

Cardboard (the bigger the better)
Duct Tape
A Box Cutter
Bathing Suit/Towel for the boat captain….just in case
PFD for non-swimmers

The rules are simple….work with your team to construct your board using only cardboard and duct tape.  This year we limited the amount of duct tape used and teams were only allowed to use it to cover seams and reinforce stress points.   We start off by having each boat cross one length of the pool one at a time.  Boats that successfully make the passing can then have a race off to determine the ultimate winner.

No matter how successful , it really is a great summer activity and is sure to get everyone laughing.